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Our vision is the reuse of old wood and thus the reduction of the waste quantity. Old wood is a commodity which is available to us and can be used for multiple purposes. Our main purpose is furniture.

By manual production of unique furniture, we want to make the costumers aware of environmental protection and enable the nature te be regenerated, as we are reducing the waste quantity by using old wood, while at the same time trying to minimise the damage to our forests. Every tree counts!

In the manufactur of furniture from old wood we implement old methods of wood processing. We use old hand tools which were used by our ancestors and are now unfortunately sinking into oblivion.

As every item of furniture is made to order, each one is completely unique, which represents a major advantage for the buyer.

We also pay a lot of attention to the protection of wood. We use nature- and people- frindly wood coatings that allow the wood to »breathe« and do not represent a threat to our health. Therefore we use coatings made of wax and oil, obtained in the natural way.
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